TB Nobel Biocare Replace Select

Titan Base for Nobel Biocare Replace Select®

We have three sizes.

T-TB-1101 - NP
T-TB-1102 - RP
T-TB-1103 - WP

We have the following options in the Implant Library:

T-TB-1101 E Small SI
T-TB-1101 E Big SI
T-TB-1101 NE Small SI
T-TB-1101 NE Big SI
T-TB-1101 E Small SD
T-TB-1101 E Big SD
T-TB-1101 NE Small SD
T-TB-1101 NE Big SD

T-TB-1102 E Small SI
T-TB-1102 E Big SI
T-TB-1102 NE Small SI
T-TB-1102 NE Big SI
T-TB-1102 E Small SD
T-TB-1102 E Big SD
T-TB-1102 NE Small SD
T-TB-1102 NE Big SD

T-TB-1103 E Small SI
T-TB-1103 E Big SI
T-TB-1103 NE Small SI
T-TB-1103 NE Big SI
T-TB-1103 E Small SD
T-TB-1103 E Big SD
T-TB-1103 NE Small SD
T-TB-1103 NE Big SD

Clarifying Notes

E = Engaging.
N E = Non Engaging.
Small = The design will have an adjusted friction. (Picture 1.)
Big = The design will have a more loose friction. (Picture 2.)
SD = With this option you must use the Implant Level Scanbody ( SD: Scanbody Direct). (Picture 3.)
SI = With this option you must use the Titan base Level Scanbody ( SI: Scanbody InDirect). (Picture 4.)
It is advisable to test these options in order to choose the most appropriate to each one when needed.

These options can be used in combination of each other.

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