Target 3D Products List

Target 3D Products

1.- Implants Parts

-Implants Parts. Target 3d Implants Parts

Analogs, screws, Titan Base, Pre-Milled Blocks, Castables, Cr-co Base castables, ScanBodies……….


2.- Implant Library

-Implant level. Target 3D Implant Level Library
-Titan Base Level. Target 3D Titan Base Level Library
-Cr-Co Base Level. Target 3D Cr-Co Base Level
-Tactil Library. Target 3D Tactil Library
-Impression Scan Library. Target 3D Impression Scan Library

Designed for all Cad Cam systems. Exocad, 3Shape, DentalWings, Egs, Delcam (soon)

3.- Consulting Services

-Milling Consulting.
-Material Consulting.
-Scan System Consulting.

Please send an email to inquire about these services. moc.d3tegrat|ofni#moc.d3tegrat|ofni

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