We have five connection.

T-1201 - ∅ 3.0
T-1202 - ∅ 3,5/4,0
T-1203 - ∅ 4,5/5,0
T-1204 - ∅ Conic 20º
T-1205 - ∅ Conic 45º

We have the following options in the Implant Library:

T-1201 E
T-1201 NON E

T-1202 E
T-1202 E S
T-1202 E V S
T-1202 E ZR
T-1202 E S ZR
T-1202 E S V ZR
T-1202 NON E
T-1202 NON E S
T-1202 NON E V S
T-1202 NON E ZR
T-1202 NON E S ZR
T-1202 NON E V S ZR

T-1203 E
T-1203 E S
T-1203 E ZR
T-1203 E S ZR
T-1203 NON E
T-1203 NON E S
T-1203 NON E ZR
T-1203 NON E ZR
T-1203 NON E S ZR

T-1204 NON E

T-1205 NON E

Clarifying Notes

E = Engaging.
NON E = Non Engaging.
When we want to use the library to produce zirconium structures must select options with the ZR letters.
S = Short. In this connection the cone will be less visible. Will be closer to the implant.(Picture 1.)
V S = Very Short. In this connection the cone will be much less visible. Will be much closer to the implant.(Picture 2.)
It is advisable to test these options in order to choose the most appropriate to each one when needed.

These options can be used in combination of each other.

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